“A miracle” happened thanks to clarity

Dear Graziano, I’ve been working as a project manager for more than 8 years, spending at least 10 hours a day at work. Working hard, I was not happy with my life and time spent at work. Also, my job became very stressful, I felt exhausted and not rewarded. When […]


Hello Graziano! During this class I finally felt the true “coolness” of me, and after being a child that always learned from “Don’ts and no’s” I finally got that true space of me. That sweetness. And thank you for the DSMt! After being treated for anxiety and depression I can […]

DSM and DSMt – Teramo

Thematic class – November 4th 2016 Neuroplasticity – tune your brain – and transform your whole life NOW! Based on scientific research, proven experimental and practical data through ECG and EEG (Electrocardiography and Electroencephalography) and other objective and scientific analysis systems Speaker: Dr. Graziano Dominici neuroplasticity {Neu•ro•plas•tic•i•ty}, n. The brain’s […]

Judgement as a gift

If we take a look at the biographies of some famous scientists, it is not unusual that they were not so good at school in some subjects when they were kids. Some of them were not so good in memorising facts, but later, when they were not part of the […]

Being transparent

It is not unusual that we, in order to introduce ourselves, determine ourselves with some labels like “I am a daughter…”, “I am a son…”, “I am a doctor…”, “I work for…” And, by introducing ourselves in this way we are, at that moment, actually parts of the system that […]

Thank you

Dear Graziano, Your work with people is so deep, healing and fast, that a person you’ve treated just jumps as soon as the treatment finished and runs back to life from which she was tired and hurt before your treatment. No time to say “Thank you” 😉 So, thank you 🙂 I feel so much […]

Our miracles

Dear Graziano, A few weeks ago while I was walking down the street, I was thinking about something I would like, that is theoretically possible, but actually not “realistic” to happen. While I was walking, an exercise from the DSM class came to my mind. I couldn’t remember everything, but […]

My rules

Dear Graziano, Big Thank You! As I am pretty much familiar with your work, we proceeded with the next “Master Your Space” session after the first one. I wanted to work on issues with my job. One of my comments/questions was: “I am so tired. I have no energy, no […]